Palummara + Full Festival


Up to 4 people


Description of the apartments:

Wide and refined palummare , local ancient dwellings inside a welcoming agri-hotel located in one of the most fascinating hinterlands near the Ionian coast Salento: the so-called parco dei trulli (a valley featuring the draditional “palummara” or “trullo” dwellings).

Each apartment is50 sqmand includes:

  • 2 double rooms
  • 1 bathroom with towels and soaps
  • Tea and coffee set
  • Air conditioning
  • Garden
  • Free parking
  • Hall stand
  • Clotheshorse
  • TV
  • Heating system
  • Wardrobe with clothes hangers
  • Fridge

The ticket price per person includes the accommodation, dinners, breakfasts and chosen activities. The price variation is due to the number of people sharing the rent of the apartment.

Every apartment can host up to four people.

This package includes:

Yes, 7 nights in the apartment (check-in July 25th, check-out August 1st)
Free access to activities from July 25 to 31

Which activities do you wish to do?

Please make sure you tick activities that do not overlap. At the end, click on “Confirm”.

Download the schedule and description of all days: PDF PROGRAM